HACCP-compliant brooms and brushes
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HACCP-compliant brooms and brushes

We are pleased to present our range of brushes and brooms suitable for the food industry. Thanks to materials such as PBT and PET, our brooms comply with the HACCP protocol. Suitable for all work areas, the products of the Tecnoigiene line offer all our professionalism to dairies, restaurants, bakeries, and all companies that need brushes and brooms for the food industry.

The complete catalog includes:

  • PBT brooms 27cm long
  • PBT push brooms 45cm and 60cm long
  • PBT brushes and brooms for specific uses (barrel brush, tank brush, flour brush)
  • PBT dishwashers
  • Galvanized wire and PBT pipe cleaners

All items can be autoclaved up to 100°C and offer excellent resistance to solvents and detergents.

Discover them in the section: Brushes and brooms for the food industry

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