Natural vegetable fibers
fibre vegetali naturali
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Natural vegetable fibers

But do you know the plant from which the natural fibers that we use in our brooms, brushes and brooms come from?

Often underestimated and little used fibers have instead been made by us the strong point of our production. We have always gone back to the origins in search of innovation, using fibers and essences once processed at the dawn of the Gottardo Brushes.

Natural coconut fiber brooms and brushes:

The coconut fiber derives from the husk of the nuts of the palm fruit, the characteristic of a coconut broom is the softness and delicacy on the surfaces, with its beautiful natural color it is the perfect fiber for all regular outdoor surfaces.

Tampico brooms and brushes:

The Tampico fiber comes directly from Mexico, from the agave plant whose leaves undergo such processing that it is possible to defibrate the leaves and obtain filaments as long as the leaf itself. It has multiple uses both in body brushes and in household cleaning such as dishwashing brushes or countertop brushes.

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